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Clinic Management & OHIP Billing


Everything you need to manage your busy clinic and bill OHIP in one, easy package.
We understand that as a physician your practice is also a business.

While managing patient care is your career, Hype Medical will manage your practice and won’t let you lose a single billing opportunity.

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Intelligent Autocomplete

Forgot one of the 100,000+ service and diagnostic codes? Simply type any part of the description to search.


Time Unit Calculator

Stop wasting your time doing 15 minute segment calculations, simply enter the start and end time and our calculator will cover the rest!

Hype Medical for Anesthesiologists

Quick Service Codes

We know billing, we also know how much how a pain in the rear it can be. Quick Service Codes allow you to instantly bill saved claims instead of painstakingly recreating the claim!

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Quick Reports

Don’t miss out on an opportunty when things get hectic, simply check out your quick reports every day to ensure you haven’t missed anything!

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Indepth Reporting

Has it been a good month for your practice? Are you doing worse or better than last year? Which doctor is making the most? These are all questions you should know and we provide the answers.

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OHIP Billing Made Easy

Hype Medical is the most advanced billing system for OHIP to date with a heavy focus on billing and diagnostic/practice management system integration. Find out why so many doctors and billing agents are choosing Hype Medical!

Complex Premium Codes

Easily bill complex premium codes with ease and automation with our intelligent tools

Custom Workflows

Custom workflows allows you to check in patients, validate, generate reports and bill within seconds

Quick Service Codes

Often billing the same group of service codes? Often being rejected for the same service codes? Skip the hassle and create claims in seconds

Reporting & Alerts

Receive daily updates in the morning regarding how your practice is performing and if you missed anything important yesterday

OHIP Payments - Automated MCEDT

You decide when to submit your claims, everything else is automated directly with OHIP

Appointment Billing

Time is money. Bill what you booked. Hype Medical’s fast & easy appointment book will ensure that

Security and Data Protection

Bitdefender Business Security

Bitdefender Business Security System

A pioneering technology launched in 2008 as AVC, ATC has constantly been enhanced, keeping Bitdefender one step ahead of emerging threats.

With over 500 million machines protected, the Bitdefender Global Protective Network performs 11 Billion queries per day and uses machine learning and event correlation to detect threats without slowing down users.

General Practitioner

Secure Data Backups

Twice daily we backup all of your files to two external hosts and a physical copy here at our offices. We realize the severity of data loss in this industry and are at the forefront of security measures.

In response to the recent spike in ransomware based attacks in the UK, we have decided to partner up with Bitdefender and offer top of the line managed protection. 


Constant Monitoring

Our close friends over at Bitdefender and us offer a service to keep your practice secure and safe.  

With consistent montioring assisted by artificial intelligence, we ensure complete protection, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Plans and Pricing

Please contact us at 1-800-592-2138 for volume pricing if you are a billing agent, a 2+ doctor operation, or seeking an enterprise level solution.

All packages can be customized, most features are a flat $25/month. Call us for more information or if you have any questions.

1 Doctor Billing

1 Doctor, multi-Location, 2 audited users
  • Patient demographics
  • Full Featured Online Private Billing System
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1 Doctor - Small Clinic

Billing, Appointments, HCV
  • Patient demographics
  • Full Featured Online Private Billing System
  • Appointments
  • Health Card Validation
  • +Ltd. Time Special $84/Month
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Multi - Doctors, Locations, systems Interop HL7
  • Patient demographics
  • Billing
  • Appointments
  • Health Card Validation
  • PDF Form Fill
  • Email Reminders
  • Patient Sheet Uploading
  • Advanced Reporting
  • HL7
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Hype has helped us make good use of our time in billing and remittances and overall reporting. Prior to Hype, the gathering of pertinent information was time consuming. With Hype, there are many choices for different process of gathering information in an user-friendly manner.

With the help of Hype Support staff and Merge support, HL7 communication was established and programs written to move information from the RIS/PACS system in an orderly manner. Any issues are usually deposited into a temporary account where it can be dealt with. Health card verification is available immediately to ensure accuracy of patient’s billing information.”

Cris Laszcz

Ontario Diagnostic Centre

“I have been using Hype Medical for almost 4 years now. It took a couple of hours to learn how to use it and I have been very pleased with it ever since.

I have recommended Hype Medical to colleagues. The ease of use, low cost, excellent customer service are some of the things that I point out to them.”

Dr. Catherine Low

Independent Practice

“I have been using Sure Claim since 1999, and I have been very pleased. It is inexpensive, robust and has an easy and user friendly interface. It has proven to be very reliable such that I have never had a batch of billing rejected by OHIP! The feature that I enjoy the most is the Palm T3 interface which allows me to do all of my billings while at work and thus allows me to spend time with the family when I am at home. This is the best piece of software that I have ever purchased! ”

Dr. Charles Knapp, MD, FRCPC

Anesthesiologist, North York General Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bill OHIP?

You can enter and save claims for your patients right away.

However you’ll need a few things before you can actually Submit the claims you have saved to OHIP,

  1. Valid GoSecure account, if you do not have one, please follow the directions here
  2. You must accept us as a designee on the MCEDT console
  3. A provider or group number

If you need assistance with any of the above steps, please contact us at 1-800-592-2138

How do I get started with HYPEMedical?

You will receive a FREE trial subscription email with your UserID and password within 12 hours of your FREE trial request. Your email will also include the *.QuickClaim.ca address link for a 14 day FREE trial access to your online private OHIP billing account with HYPEMedical.

Once you log into your private OHIP billing account secure your privacy by changing your password. Afterwards you may start billing OHIP and others with the knowledge that your data is private and secured.

Don’t want to wait for the FREE trial subscription email ?

Want to start billing OHIP ASAP? Call 1.800.592.2138 or, download & Install the desktop QuickClaim edition onto any MS-Windows PC. When your online account is ready (within 12 hours) the QuickClaim database on your PC will be uploaded online to *.QuickClaim.ca allowing you to continue billing, with HYPEMedical, right where you left off.

What about all my data?

We can quickly and safely convert all of your data from most other vendors without any loss.

Contact us at 1-800-592-2138 for more information.

What is the purpose of all of these features?

With billing as complex as it is, it can be very easy to become confused and disoriented.

Here’s a handy breakdown of some of the most common features our clients love:

  • Health card validation: Communicates with OHIP to ensure you’ll be paid for your services, the single best way to avoid errors and rejections.
  • Time unit calculator: Automatically calculate surgical, anesthetic and assistant time units without the headache.
  • Quick service codes: Find yourself constantly billing the same group of codes? Save it as a Quick Service Code to reduce chance of errors and increase your billing speed.
  • Custom Workflows: Expedite your practice by telling our application exactly what to do when a patient comes in. Generate reports, appointments, automatically bill and much more.
  • One click labels: No more printing errors. Ever. With the click of a button, you can automatically print a variety of labels with tons of data.
  • Auto form population: Our software can automatically fill out forms with patient information so you don’t have to. Supports OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, etc
What specialties do you support?

Our full-featured billing system is able to be used by any specialty, HYPEMedical offers a wide array of custom features for specific billing needs and habits across specialties such as billing complex premiums, billing in time units, billing same services routinely per patient or patient groups etc…

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? Send us a message, we’d love to hear it!

What about support, is there an additional cost?

Software use support is included in your subscription. As the software support staff we are friendly, dedicated, knowledgeable, and together know HYPEMedical inside and out. We are always glad to answer questions and gather insight into how HYPEMedical is being received.

Beyond the monthly subscription fee there are no other hidden costs for using HYPEMedical.

What about support specific to knowledge of OHIP billing regulations?

Hype Systems Inc. co-founder, Eitan Rooz, has over 20 years of experience with OHIP billing. His experience covers OHIP’s technical billing requirements as well as resolutions in many instances where normal billing requirements were not met by either billers and /or OHIP itself.

In addition Eitan is connected to a network of veteran users such as specialists and billing agency owners. Network members share experiences and freely consults one another as needed. Along with Eitan our technical staff are friendly knowledgeable and technically very savvy.

If you are facing a billing.technical challenge you can count on Hype Systems Inc. in your corner.

Will the software automatically submit to OHIP or does it create a batch file that I have to manually upload to MCEDT?

HYPEMedical manages the complete upload and download cycle via MCEDT. The cycle starts when the user clicks on the Submit button. HYPEMedical tracks the submission through all stages from forming the batch to automatically downloading the batch edit report as proof of receipt by OHIP.

Does your software have features/codes for Northern Ontario APP?

Yes, HYPEMedical manages the Alternative Payment Plan with a modifier applied to the billing profile associated with the plan. HYPEMedical is also capable of bulk closing all paid claims that are assigned code “66” by the plan.